What is ride for rice?

Ride for Rice started in 2016 as a means to raise money to buy rice meals for the orphans of Swaziland, Africa. It is a one day experience that will deliver a lifetime of impact for a country in need.

This year's ride is taking place Saturday, June 23, 2018. Our team of riders, comprised of both students and our adult community, will ride distances of 25, 50, and 100 miles to raise $30,000 for packed rice meals. Our recent outreach produced 600,000 meals alone. Over 2 million high protein meals have been produced at Christian Life Center to date. 


Sponsorship Levels

In the past two years, over 70 riders have come together to form a team that raised over $44,000 for rice meals. Our team of riders reached out to family, friends, co-workers, and even businesses to get support pledges for their ride. Every rider is asked to raise a minimum of $100 to ride with us.

This year's ride will have an incentive for going the extra mile in raising support. We have created four sponsorship tier levels. Every tier that a rider achieves in support will result in a reward that will be given as a thank you to the rider. This year's rewards are as follows:

BRONZE - $100--Ride for Rice T-shirt

SILVER - $250--Ride for Rice Water Bottle

GOLD - $500--Ride for Rice Car Magnet

PLATINUM - $1000--Ride for Rice Biking Jersey

In order to be eligible for sponsorship tiers, all support must be submitted by June 23. 

Why Give?

In Swaziland, over 50% of the population lives below the national poverty line and makes less than 2 dollars per day. Weather conditions like droughts and flooding have caused years of food shortages and increased food prices. Disease and unorganized food management programs continue to increase impoverished conditions.

Over 42% of the Swaziland population is HIV/AIDS positive, having the highest rate in the world as well as Tuberculosis.  Most children have lost one if not both of their parents to this epidemic with most adults ages 30-40 being almost completely eradicated from disease.

Our partners, A Child’s Hope International, started helping these children in 2008. Our packed meals here are at CLC are feeding children daily. But we're not done yet! Work still needs to be done. It costs approximately $200,000 to provide 600,000 meals. This year, our student ministry wants to raise $30,000 of the $200,000 need. Will you help us? Our miles . . . their meals!

100% of the funds raised from Ride for Rice will go towards expenses needed to pack rice meals for Swaziland.